INC.001 VA * FLOPS OF THE POPS, LP an incognito-bands-compilation with 15 groups. contains exclusive material. released 11/91 INC.002 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE * JULIA +2, 7" 3 catchy 77-style-punk-rock songs. released 10/89 INC.003 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE * WIR HABEN NOCH LANGE NICHT GENUG +4, 7" 5 wild deutschpunk-trax. released 10/89 INC.004 THE LENNONS * BLUTORGIE IN DER LEICHENGRUBE-EP, 7" first record since 1981! early german punk- rock. the legend lives again. 4 great songs. released 4/90 INC.005 DIE WOMBELS * ABER ANGELIKA +4, 7" super-melodic punkrock. 5 hits. full colour cover. released 12/89 INC.006 BROKEN TOYS * DIRT, LP 13 raw, but melodic, punkrock-killers from one of america's finest bands. released 3/91 INC.007 BROKEN TOYS * 4-TRACK EP, 7" classic bubble-gum-punkrock from boston/usa. brilliant sound like "sloppy seconds", "blisters" etc. released 4/90 INC.008 KUD IDIJOTI * BOLIVIA R'N'R, LP one of the oldest but best yugoslavian (croatian) punkbands. this album cantains their mega-rare first 3 e.p.s and unreleased demos. 13 tracks. released 1/90 INC.009 THE URGE * IN 1977, 7" 3 fuckin' brilliant raw punk-smasher from london 1978/79. This band toured together with "the lurkers" in 1977. an original classic! released 4/90 INC.010 ANHREFN * LIVE, LP 2 live-sets ("powerhouse london" and "reithalle bern"). much more powerful versions than on the studio-lps. released 2/91 INC.011 THE PROLES * KINGS ROAD PUNKS, 7" 3 untamed, wild punk-tracks, made in london 1979. previously unreleased. an original classic! released 4/90 INC.012 GLAMOUR GHOULS * TOP OF THE WORLD, MA!, MLP mini-lp with 6 fantastic glam-punk-tracks. incognito's most expensive production. great stuff! released 2/91 INC.013 THE RAGS * 3 TRACK EP, 7" this record kills! loud and fast 77 style punk. nothing more nothing less. released 7/90 INC.014 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE * ARS JUSTITIA, LP their first album. with 14 wild, fast and melodic punk-songs. released 9/90 INC.015 DIE WOMBELS * FAST & BOUNCY, LP 14 songs. best melodic punk/hc. incognito's biggest stunt. only 75 handnumbered copies have been made! releasede 3/91 INC.016 THE RAGS * CRUNCH !!!, LP pop-punk'n'roll at it's very fuckin best! greetings to "j.thunders" and the "damned". released 12/91 INC.017 THE URGE * SELF RESPECT, MANNERS & DECENCY, LP the songs have been made in 1977-79, but they never got recorded - until now! 15 pure pogo killer trax, like the early "lurkers". released 12/91 INC.018 DIE WOMBELS * TOO LONG, 7" the 3 best songs of the "fast & bouncy"- album. fantastic melodic summer-hardcore. released 11/91 INC.019 ANHREFN * THE DAVE GOODMAN SESSIONS, LP great "ruts"/"stiff little fingers"/ "clash"-punk from wales. produced by "sex pistols"-sound engineer dave goodman. released 5/91 INC.020 THE BLISTERS * PISSED TO MEET ME, LP "mc4"/"lemonheads"-influenced punkrock from new jersey/usa. released 9/91 INC/ICD.021 DIE WOMBELS * DIVINE MADNESS, LP/CD powerful, harmonic summer-hc without heavy-metal-shit-influence. just for having a good time. cd = 1 bonus-tr. released 6/92 INC.022 ZAKONAS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Germany 1992, SEX-PISTOLS-Punkrock) INC.023 RHYTHM COLLISION * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (USA 1992, SLF/CLASH-Punk) INC.024 VOID SECTION * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Belgium 1992, fast & melodic Punk) INC.025 TRIEBTÄTER * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Germany 1982, early Stuttgart-band) INC.026 MÄDELS NO MÄDELS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Ger,92, wild & melodic Punkrock) INC.027 WOMBELS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Germany 1986, funny & melodic Punk) INC.028 BROKEN TOYS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (USA 1992, catchy, melodic punkrock) INC.029 BULLOCKS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Ger. 1992, best BUZZCOCKS/ADICTS-Punk) INC.030 SWOONS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Ger.,1992, pop-punk with 2 girls singing) INC.031 SCHWARZE SCHAFE * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Germany 1987, wild Punk) INC.032 THE SECT * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (England 1992, great melodic Punk) INC.033 FUNERAL DRESS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Belg.92,England-influenced 82-Punk) INC.034 DIRTY SCUMS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Belgium 1992, fast boozer-Punk) INC.035 DISGRACE * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (France 1992, England-influenced 1982-Punk) INC.036 RED LETTER DAY * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (England 1992, a post-punk-anthem) INC/ICD.037 THE LENNONS * LEBENDIG GEFRESSEN, LP/CD a professional live-recording of a great gig. with many unreleased songs. the lp is limited to 500 handnumbered copies. longplay-cd has 6 bonus-tracks. released 1/93 INC.038 HARRIES * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (NL,1992 PETER TEST TUBE/TOY DOLLS-Punk) INC.039 MARIONETTES * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Germany 1979, English-styled 77-punk) INC.040 ZONA A * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (ex-CSFR 1992, melodic Oi!/streetpunk) INC.041 PETER P. * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Ger.1984, an incredible funny punkrock-pisstake) INC.042 BRATBEATERS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Ger. 1993, basic, but angry 77-punkrock) INC/ICD.043 VA * BACK TO FRONT VOL.1, LP/CD mega-rare punkrock-stuff from 1977-82 worldwide. featuring CRACKED ACTOR, XL CAPRIS, ELECTROCHOC, ATTENTAT, MITTAGEISEN, RAZAR and many many more. 19 classic tracks! released 4/93 INC.044 WAT TYLER * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (UK 1993, punk meets comedy. Very funny) INC.045 JIMMY KEITH & HIS SHOCKY HORRORS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Ger. 1993, powerful punk'n'roll like JEFF DAHL, THE RAGS etc.) INC.046 MARIONETZ * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Ger.,82, classic, melodic Deutschpunk) INC/ICD.047 VA * BACK TO FRONT VOL.2, LP/CD more punkrock-rarities from 77-82 worldwide: DEFNICS,THOUGHT CRIMINALS, SUDDEN FUN,F.U.2,CHECKMATES, CHAINSAW,SCROTUM POLES,BRIARD and more. 20 classic tracks! released 6/93 INC.048 CHARLEY'S GIRLS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Ger. 1977, pre-MITTAGSPAUSE, one of the very first German punk-bands. Double-EP) INC.049 LA CRY * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Ger.,93, fast & melodic kick-ass-punkrock) ICD.050 VA * UP & DOWN, CD a best-of-compilation of the first bunch of the to 333 copies limited UP & DOWN-7"s. ZAKONAS,BROKEN TOYS,WAT TYLER,BULLOCKS,MÄDELS, SECT,SWOONS,VOID SECTION,RHYTHM COLLISION, DIRTY SCUMS,RED LETTER DAY,JIMMY KEITH, FUNERAL DRESS,DISGRACE and more. 19 bands, 30 wild punkrock-tunes. released 5/94 INC.051 BERTZ RACHE * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Ger,93, melodic,catchy "Deutschpunk") INC.052 RUDOLFS RACHE * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Ger. 1993, crazy and funny "Deutschpunk") INC.053 FUCKBOYZ * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (USA '93, fast & dirty melody punk'n'roll) INC.054 THE SWINDLE * "DO KRAJA" 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (CROATIA, 1991, catchy 77-style-punkrock) INC./ICD.055 VA * BACK TO FRONT VOL.3, LP/CD punkrock-rarities 1977-82 worldwide: CHAOS,MANIC DEPRESSIVES,FRICTION,SEIZE, VOX POP,S.Y.P.H.,RUDE KIDS,RED ROCKERS, EBBA GRON,MANIKINS;SCHOOLGIRL BITCH and more. 19 classic killer-tracks. LP is limited to 1000 handnumbered copies. released 12/93 INC.056 LUCHS BROTHERS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (US,77/94, KILL ME I'M ROTTEN live + 1 new song: HARI KRISHNA STOMP + abuser-sleeve) INC.057 THE WAY * "SCHEISS KIBAREI" 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (AUT. 1993, ex-BOESLINGE, one of Austria's very first punkbands. Wild & raw 77-style punk. German Lyrics) INC.058 THE WAY * "GIVE ME A CHANCE" 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (AUT. 1993, ex-BOESLINGE, one of Austria's very first punkbands. english lyrics. Wild & raw 77-style punk) INC./ICD.059 VA * BACK TO FRONT VOL.4, LP/CD punkrock-rarities 1977-82 worldwide: TITS,PEKINSKA PATKA,EAT,STANDBYS,NEWS, ROCKS,TOT ROCKET&THE TWINS,ANOREXIA, VICTIMIZE,KNOTS,FAST CARS,IGNERENTS and more. 19 classic tracks! released 4/94 INC.060 HATED PRINCIPLES * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (USA,82,7 raw, british influenced trax) INC.061 SUICIDE PACT * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (S,88, melodic old-school punkrock) INC.062 Split * BROKEN TOYS/THE HARRIES, 7" two exclusive tracks each band. to 500 copies limited tour-edition. released 6/94 INC.063 ANHREFN * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (Wales,1994, melodic pop-punk w/actress MARGI CLARKE [I HIRED A CONTRACT KILLER] on vocals) INC./ICD.064 VA * BACK TO FRONT VOL.5, LP/CD punkrock-rarities 1977-82 worldwide: CELL 609,CYANIDE,FLESHEATERS,FILTH, HERMANN'S ORGIE,GLO,SECRET,BÖSLINGE and more. 18 classic tracks! released 9/94 INC.065 RAMZES & THE HOOLIGANS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (PL, 1994, UK-77-fashioned bootboy-streetpunk) INC.066 JABBERWOCKY * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (NL,1994 fast & catchy-trashy as fuck) INC.067 GLAMOUR GHOULS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (GER,1988. early glam-punk-rock demos) INC.068 SPEEDYS A GOGO * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (GER, 1995, 5 poppy, catchy, bubblegum- jumpers. early MANIC STREET PREACHERS meets DICKIES) ICD.069 KUD IDIJOTI * SPLIT'94, CD two albumus on this CD: MI SMO OVDJE (1990), which is out of print since a long time, and the very rare GLUPOST JE NEUNISTIVA (1992), which was released only in an edition of 500 copies, because the pressing plant got closed down in due of the cilvil-war. yugoslavias (croatias) oldest punk-band! released 3/95 ICD.070 PVC * PUNKROCK BERLIN, CD recorded in 1979. originally released in double- LP-format in 1983 in an edition of just 50 bloody copies!!! this rarest and most valuable german punk record is now rereleased on CD. wild and fast 3-chord-smashers in an early VIBRATORS-vein. released 9/95 INC.071 PACK * S/T, LP reissue of this german punk-classic from 1978. munich's wildest and rawest band at that time. original 4-colour-sleeve plus many fotos/infos on the inner-side of the fold-out-cover. a killer! released 6/95 INC.072 SPENT IDOLS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (US,94, raw & wild old-school pogo-smash-punkrock. great full colour sleeve) INC.073 STEVE McQUEENS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (GER,1995, fuckin' cool and loud trash-punk'n'roll in a DUMMIES/RIP OFFS-vein) INC.074 BAD NEWS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (GER,95, catchy+fast pop-punkrock. 4 great tunes) INC.075 BRANES * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (GER,95, basic 77-punk british style. 6 tracks!!!) INC./ICD.076 VA * BACK TO FRONT VOL.6, LP/CD punkrock-rarities 1977-82 worldwide: MAGGOTS,KARANTEENI,BREAKOUTS,LIKET LEVER, CONDOM,PELLE MILJOONA,ZORROS,PVC,ANARCHY, EMBARRASMENT,FLY ON THE WALL,BRUELBAJZ, DRUG SQUAD and more. 20 classics! released 6/95 INC.077 SONIC DOLLS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (GER,95, ex-BRAGARTS/ZAKONAS. pure old school punkrock w/ pin up girlinner-sleeve) INC.078 BOYZ NEX' DOOR * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (I,95, fast but melodic trash-punk. A great mix of 77's-DAMNED meets 90's-JABBERWOCKY) ICD.079 MARIONETZ * DAMPFBAD LIVE, CD munich's punk-legend 74 minutes live, recorded in 1984/85. catchy party-punkrock. many tracks get released for the first time, because they never have been recorded in a studio and got performed live only. released 4/96 INC.080 STIMPY * DIRTY LOVE AFFAIR, pict.-10" debut-record of this crazy trio from hamburg. catchy glam-punkrock. 5 songs - nice picture-disc-artwork. released 3/96 INC.081 VAGEENAS * HERE ARE THE VAGEENAS, pict.-10" germany's fuckin' best punkrock-stunt w/ outrageous female singer punches six pogo-blasts in your face. this killer is pressed on a great 4-colour-picture-disc. released 8/96 INC.082 TESTORS * ORIGINAL PUNK RECORDINGS NYC 1976-1977, 10" the first band of SONNY VINCENT (nowadays frontman of SHOTGUN RATIONALE and THE DONS). six early, wild, fast and loud punk smashers, recorded in new york 1976/77. released 12/95 INC.083 SLIDE & THE QUESTION MARKS * EARWORMS, pict.-10" a great vinyl-wonder from a bunch of (so far) totally unknown punksters from turno/italy. catchy pop-punkrock w/ female vocals. 6 songs - BOYS meets SHITBIRDS. released 4/96 INC.084 WALKING ABORTIONS * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (UK,95, melodic but raw pop-punk. early MANIC STREET PREACHERS meets EATER) INC.085 LENNONS * DIE WELT IST SCHLECHT, pict.-10" 4 exclusive studio-trax of one of the longest going german punk-bands. melodic deutschpunk in it's own style. great picture-disc-art-work! released 3/96 INC.086 TOTALER MÜLL * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (D,96, five wild & snotty blaring punk-bashers w/ a SEX PISTOLS-feeling. INC.087 ZONA A * CHLAPI +2, 7" 3 catchy anthems from this longest going slovacian 100% streetpunk-band. released 6/96 INC.088 PHANTOM PREGNANCIES * 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (UK,96, raw, fast & loud garage girl-punk in an early SLITS-vein) INC.089 STEEVE McQUEENS * GOT A MISSION, LP After two ass-kickin' 7"s the first longplayer of this buncha weirdos from oberhausen/germany. loud, fast & wild garage-punk in a SUPERCHARGER/ RIP OFFS/JABBERWOCKY-vein. released 6/96 INC.090 SPENT IDOLS * I DON'T GIVE A FUCK, 7" straight & stomping 3-chord-punkrock of this 77-outfit- quartett from san diego. listen to this and you don't need the SEX PISTOLS-reunion anymore. released 6/96 INC.091 DE RITA SISTERS & JUNIOR * UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD, 10" One-sided picture disc. 8 songs "comedy punkrock" from california. full-colour picture. released 12/96 INC.092 THE BAM BAMS * YOU & THE SUMMER +2, 7" melodic punk-pop with great female vocals. comes with full-colour-cover-art-work. released 8/96 INC.093 SWINDLE * "NOISY TUNES" 333 x UP & DOWN, 7" (NL,96) 4 classic 3-chord pogo-punkrock-basher. released 9/96 INC.094 HIPPRIESTS * HATE MAIL, 7" seven fast, loud, angry and dirty tracks. ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN meets TURBONEGRO. Berlin's rawest and wildest! released 12/96 INC.095 WIMPS * SEVENTEEN, 7" side-project of JABBERWOCKY. sounds like JABBERWOCKY with 77-punkrock-influence. catchy and raw. released 12/96 INC.096 JABBERWOCKY * FINGER POPPIN' TIME, LP the second album by this dutch band. loud, fast and melodic mid-fi punkrock. 17 ass-kickin' songs. released 2/97 INC./ICD 097 PVC * WALL CITY ROCK, double-10"/CD an unbelievable heritage from berlin's first punk-band. 80 minutes totally unknown studio-songs. recorded in 1979. hard rockin' and hittin' 3-chord-punkrock like early VIBRATORS. released 6/97 INC.098 ANAL BABES * COCAINE SWASTIKA +5, 10" the farewell-record of a bunch'a deaf bastards from oslo/norway (now the TITMEN!). a hard hitting, wild and weird sound-attack. this fucker blows your ass away. released 9/98 INC.099 SIMONS * GO MAD WITH THE SIMONS, 7" 2nd 7" by this 77-style-punkrockers from stuttgart. You should buy this 4-track-e.p. if you like DRAG YOU OUT by the LURKERS released 6/97 INC.100 VA * BUSTED AT THE LIT CLUB (SHIELDED BY DEATH 2000), LP bands from HARTFORD/MA. 1977-85: JACK TRAGIC & THE UNFORTUNATES, CHRONIC DISORDER, THE NOT SO QUITE, PAYAMA SLAVE DANCERS, WHITE PIGS, REDUCERS, MALARIANS, BROKEN HEARTS, WHITE PIGS, DA STUPIDS, DESTROY THE BAND, BOURGEOIS DISEASE. many prev. unreleased tracks + extensive liner-notes. released 4/00 INC.101 SPLIT * ANAL BABES/TURBONEGRO, 7" one exclusive cut by each band. this awesome fucker was originally released two years ago with a xerox-sleeve in an edition of 200 bleeding copies only and got sold thru some stores in Oslo only. Now it's back: a loud, rocking punk-mayhem with a proper color card-board-sleeve! released 9/97 INC.102 NO-TALENTS * EASY GIRL +3, 7" mega-cool lofi-punkrock made by 2 girls and 2 blokes from paris. all songs are shorter than 2 minutes and each of them kicks nuts!!! released 6/97 INC.103 LLYGOD FFYRNIG * N.C.B.+3, 7" the first punk-band from wales released only one 7"-record in 1978. One year later they recorded a radio-session before they disbanded. On this record you can hear this previous unreleased radio-session. classic "killed by death"-punkrock-shit! released 12/97 INC.104 ATTENTAT * TATUERADE TARAR, LP rerelease of the first LP (1981) of this classic punkrock-band from sweden. Plus their first two killer-7"s (1979) as bonus. comes with band-story and complete discography. Lim. to 1000. released 3/98 INC.105 RUPTURE * GET FUCKED CUNT, 7" raw-fast-loud-sick punk from australia's most hated weirdos. 6 tracks. released 6/98 INC/ICD.106 LENNONS * RACHE FUER ELVIS, LP/CD the first full-lenghts studio-album by this since 1980 going band!! and it was worth waiting such a long time. great songwriting and excellent black humor lyrics. CD contains 8 bonus-tracks from deleted 7" + 10". released 10/97 INC.107 K.G.B. * DIE LADY DI +2, 7" PISTOLS-pogo-punkrock with sarcastic lyrics about the dead of the princess (in german language). The cover-art- work is flogging the SEX PISTOLS' GOD SAVE THE QUEEN- logo. released 10/97 INC.108 CANNICS * PSYCHO DAD +3, 7" wild 60's/SONICS influenced punk from this stuttgart-based band. go to see their shows, but be careful, singer "Reverent Reichsstadt" is violent! teleased 6/98 INC.109 WIMPS * ROLLING ON WITH..., LP This JABBERWOCKY-side-project guarantees ass-kicking mid-fi-punkrock. released 6/98 INC.110 GRINNERS * PSYCHOVILLE, LP Hard hitting killer-punk from Sweden in a TURBONEGRO/GLUECIFER/HOOKERS-vein. released 6/98 INC.111 MÄDELS NO MÄDELS * THAT'S IT!, 7" Great 77-outfit-punk with an own style. 4 hot rockers!! released 6/98 INC.112 SONNY VINCENT/ELSE ADMIRE * Split-7" 1 exclusive track of each singer. Sonny plays punkrock with a classic touch and Else presents a raw but charming 3-chord anthem. released 6/98 INC.113 SONNY VINCENT * LUCKY SEVEN INCH RECORD, 7" not less than 6 (six!!!) songs with CAPTAIN SENSIBLE SCOTT ASHETON and WAYNE KRAMER in the line up. comes with a nice 4-color-sleeve. great punkrock. value for money. released 12/98 INC.114 PLEASURE FUCKERS * SIMPLE NEEDS +1, 7" 10th anniversary reissue of the first 7" of this spanish band in a limited edition of 500 copies. released 12/98 INC.115 BURGER KINGS * SUPERGIANT ROLLERCOASTER, LP melodic budget-rock w/ members of STEVE McQUEENS and NIMRODS. released 12/98 INC.116 ONLY ALTERNATIVE * I SHOT JOHN LENNON +2, 7" this band released a phantastic album in the mid-80's. Now they're back again. powerful & melodic punkrock w/ a 77-edge. ex the CARPETTES. released 12/98 INC.117 ROCK'N'ROLL STORMTROOPERS * I'M A REBEL +3, 7" debüt-7" by a band from the stuttgart-area. fast paced hard hitting 77-punkrock meets glam-rock. 4 songs - four hits!! extra-heavy vinyl + 4-colour-cardboard-cover. This is the first out of four 7"s of INCOGNITO's 10th-anniversary- series. regular INCOGNITO-customers get it for free with their orders. Whole-salers only can for trade it. No way to get it for money! released 3/99 INC.118 NEW YORK WHORES * NY WHORES +2, 7" San Diego punk-veterans (ex-SPENT IDOLS) play 3-chord old school pogo-punkrock. The second out of four 7"s of INCOGNITO's 10th anniversary-series. This killer is not for sale - Incognito-customers get it for free and whole-salers only can trade for it. Limited to 750 copies. Released 6/99 INC.119 FOKKEWOLF * PORNO ROCKER (NO TIME FOR LOVE) +1, 7" Hard rockin loud pure punk from England. Forget overrated Scandinavian bores like HELLACOPTERS. FOKKEWOLF is the shit! It's the third out of four Incognito anniversary-singles. No way to get it For money - it's for trade only. Limited edition of 750 copies. Released 9/99 INC.120 SAFETY PINS * FASHION FOR ONE DAY +2, 7" a fast & furious 3-chord attack from spain's 77-outfit punkrockers. Two originals plus a great coverversion of STUFF YOUR RULES (JOHNNY DOLE & THE SCABS). 4th and last release of Incognito's 10th-anniversary-series. Limited to 750 copies. Released 12/99 INC.121 ROCK'N'ROLL STORMTROOPERS * HANGING OUT WITH THE BOYS +2, 7" Second 7" by this stuttgart-based killer-band. No other Incognito-release (and there are more than 120 out now) got Such marvellous reviews like their first 7". Pure energy Punkrock with a JOAN JETT-hard-rock/glam influence. Released 2/00 INC.122 TESTORS * ORIGINAL PUNK RECORDINGS NYC 1976 - 77 VOL.2, 10" 6 previously unreleased studio-songs recorded in New York 1977/78. featuring SONNY VINCENT. classic stuff. released 2/00 INC.123 MOTORPUSSY * I HATE THIS TOWN +3, 7" fast'n'loud punkrock from stuttgart's weirdo's number one. Featuring REVERENT REICHSSTADT of CANNICS on vox and TEX TORPEDO of ROCK'N'ROLL STORMTROOPERS on six-string. released 6/00 INC.124 CRIME KAISERS * I DON'T LIKE +1, 7" Great catchy organ driven Action Punk from Landau/Germany. Amazing - this band sounds really aggressive and yet their songs stick to the ear from first time listening to. released 10/00 INC.125 FUSES * MIT EINER HOHEN GESCHWINDIGKEITSRATE-E.P., 7" Baltimore's well known outfit puts late 70s english Punk Rock "with a higher rate of speed" and angular songwriting to a new sound dimension. Comes in colour cardbord EP sleeve. released 12/01 INC.126 MOBILE MOB FREAKSHOW * TEENAGE TRASH MESSIAH +2, 7" This Swedish hoodlums give you a hard time with their rude sound between MOTÖRHEAD and early LEATHER NUN. COMMANDER REINHAGEN für alles. released 06/01 INC.127 LENNONS * DER WEG NACH EDEN, CD the 20th anniversary album of these punk-rock-veterans features 16 new studio-tracks with a total running time of more than 60 minutes. great songs about life-tragedies, horror and low instincts. appearing with a 16-page-booklet, including all lyrics and lotsa photos. released 4/02 INC.128 TESTORS * ORIGINAL PUNK RECORDINGS NYC 1976-1979 CD Both 10"s + the LP of RAVE UP RECORDS. Great wild and authentic punkrock from New York 1976 - 79. 63 minutes total running time. Value for money! Release date approx. 12/01 INC.129 SPY'S * ORIGINAL PUNKROCK FROM CANADA 1979-1980, LP On this LP is their one and only single from 1980 with the Songs "Underground" and "Machine Shop", 6 Demos in excellent sound quality and 7 songs from their reunion show in 1995 in also good sound quality. released 12/01 INC.130 MOTOSIERRA * DON'T TELL MOM +1, 7" Uruguays Action Rock'n'Roller teach the rest of the world a lesson in violent, offensive and also song oriented Punk Blasts. The Band is well known from their song from the TURBONEGRO tribute compilation. released 12/01 INC.131 THE TRANSISTORS * OUT HAVIN' FUN +2, 7" Great debutantees-release by Stuttgart's answer to the REAL KIDS. Fast & catchy powerpop! released 06/02 INC.132 MOTOSIERRA * XXX, LP Reissue of this Uruguayan killer-CD from 2001 w/two extra-tracks! Yes, buddy - this time not the CD - but the vinyl has the bonus-tracks! And it bloody rocks! released 06/02 INC.133 KEVIN K * BETTER CLASS OF SLUT +3, 7" Another great tune from the grand-father of New York- Glam-Punk-Rock. If you're into JOHNNY THUNDERS you'll love this. Lim. to 750 copies. Released 12/02 INC.134 ACCIDENTS * DANNELLY FIELD AIRPORT E.P., 7" Smash-punkrock from Sweden with a sloppy country-touch. Lim. to 750 copies. Released 06/03 INC.135 PVC * ANTHOLOGY 1977-2007, 2xLP Material from all line-ups, recorded during the last 30 years. This hommage to Berlin's longest going punk-band comes in a great, heavy card-board gatefold-sleeve with many infos like complete discography, all line-ups, etc. On top frontman Gerrit tells the whole story in details and with many pictures in a 12-page-booklet. Value for money! Released 03/07 INC.136 TESTORS * LIVE RECORDINGS 1976-1979, LP The absolutely last heritage from these New York "loud guitars"- pioneers. 12 songs recorded at the RITZ, HOT CLUB, MAX'S KANSAS CITY and CBGB. Wild and untamed material in surprisingly great sound-quality. Comes with a giant poster and a dozen of original concert-flyers in A4-format. A must have document. Released 02/08 INC.137 EROTIC DEVICES * WE VIBRATE E.P., 7" Four catchy tunes by a bunch of punksters who like the RAMONES. Released 09/11 INC.138 EROTIC DEVICES * S/T, LP Even more RAMONES-influenced 3-chord-pogo-bashers. Released 01/13 INC.139 RAZORS * CHRIST CHILD +1, 7" This platter hit the street in 1979 and was the first german independent punk-single of Hamburg. Reissued for the first time with original cover art work. released 09/15 INC.140 THE DOUBT * CONTRAST DISORDER +3, 7" This 4-song melody maker by a band from northern ireland was originally housed in a plain paper-bag and came out in 1980. Reissued for the first time with a proper picture-sleeve. Released 11/15 INC.141 JACK & THE RIPPERS * NO DESIRE +1, 7" This two-sider is without doubt one of the best swiss punk-singles of all time. Originally released in 1979 - rereleased with original art work in 09/16 INC.142 PUNKENSTEIN * OH DU SCHÖNE MAID +3, 7" First time reissue of a KBD-classic from Hamburg w/members of RAZORS, KOTZBROCKEN, NAPALM, SCREAMER, etc. Originally released in 1981 - rereleased with original art work + inlet w/band-story in 09/17 INC.143 V/A * STUTTGART BRENNT VOR LANGEWEILE...1978-83, 2xLP 44 songs/96 minutes music/80% of the material appears on vinyl for the first time Deluxe gatefold-sleeve plus printed innersleeves w/tons of informations and pictures Released: 09/17 ICD.143 V/A * WIE DER PUNK NACH STUTTGART KAM...1980-83, CD bonus CD of Simon Steiner's book with the same title. 37 songs/77 minutes of music/more than 90% of the material appears on CD for the first time. 50% of the songs are exclusive and don't overlap with the vinyl-version STUTTGART BRENNT VOR LANGEWEILE double-LP. Released: 09/17 INC.144 SPLIT * CAFE SOFT/K.G.B, s/sided-7" bonus-single of the INC.143 double-album with prev. unrel. recordings from 1974 and 1983. limited to 200 handnumbered rubber-stamped copies. Released: 09/17 INC.145/INC.146 EIGHT ROUNDS RAPID * THE KOSMIK ORGON KANISTER BROADCAST, LP+7" Southend outit Eight Rounds Rapid are rooted in the infamous Canvey Island R’n’B tradition. Their unique mix of mod-punk with a pub-rock edge can be described as a mix of DR. FEELGOOD, WIRE and ATV. This live-record is featuring faster and more dynamic versions than their studio-albums. 200 handnumbered copies deluxe edition + 300 copies regular version. Released: 10/18 INC.147/INC.148 SIX PACK * ROCKLINE GENEVE BROADCAST 23 OCTOBRE 1981, LP+7" RECORDED OCTOBER 23RD 1981 - SIX PACK from Lausanne got it's start in January 1981 and is the best-kept secret of swiss punk! the band was on its peak and their live-recordings (without audience) for the program ROCKLINE at the swiss radio turned out as the best they ever did. the full recording (10 songs) is part of this posthumous album. this is the german limited numbered edition of 100 handnumbered copies