ANTHOLOGY 1977-2007

Double-LP - 03/07


A1.EVA BRAUN IS BACK IN TOWN (rehearsal 1977) A2.NO CANDLES NO CAKES (rehearsal 1977)* A3.RUSTY NAILS (rehearsal 1977)* A4.HISTORY (rehearsal 1979)* A5.WE'RE NOT THE BOCHE (rehearsal 1979)* A6.DA DA COMPETITION (rehearsal 1979)* A7.TROUBLE EVERY DAY (kant kino 1980)* A8.MODERN LIFE (kant kino 1980)* A9.SEARCH AND DESTROY (kant kino 1980)* --- B1.CONCRETE JUNGLE (quasimodo 1989) B2.THE WAY WE FEEL (quasimodo 1989)* B3.DREAM FACTORY (quasimodo 1989) B4.WHAT I NEED WHAT I WANT (quasimodo 1989)* B5.WHY DON'T YOU DO IT? (quasimodo 1989) B6.MIDNIGHT SUN (quasimodo 1989)* B7.THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN' (quasimodo 1989)* B8.MEDLEY: LOUIE LOUIE/ WILD THING/ GET OFF MY CLOUD (quasimodo 1989)* B9.PUSHIN' TOO HARD (quasimodo 1989)* --- C1.SUPERSONIC (jo jo club 1991)* C2.80 DAYS IN ONE DAY (jo jo club 1991)* C3.SEX WILL SURVIVE (jo jo club 1991)* C4.BERLIN BY NIGHT (jo jo club 1991) C5.MY BABY (jo jo club 1991)* C6.FEELS GOOD - ALRIGHT (jo jo club 1991)* C7.FOREVER AND EVER (jo jo club 1991) C8.SH-SHAME (jo jo club 1991)* --- D1.THAT PILLOW NEXT TO ME (studio 1989)* D2.WITH THESE HANDS (studio 1989)* D3.PRIMITIVE (studio 1991)* D4.TO BE FREE (studio 1991)* D5.HEAP KICK (studio 2006)* D6.GUNS DON'T TALK (studio 1991)* D7.HOLY INCEST (studio 1991)* D8.SAY WHEN (studio 1991)* D9.BINGE DRINKING (studio 1991)* * = previously unreleased

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